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How it Works

Products: Cloud-Based Web System

The Menovation Web-Platform is where it all happens. From here you can configure your Controller and Sensors' alarms, notifications, categories and view current and past measurements. Customised reports can be set-up to be drawn easily in either graph, daily values or tabulated output.

This platform can be viewed from any device with a web browser which has access to the internet.

Demonstration Screenshots

Screenshot 1

Editing an Alarm

Alarms can be assigned to any number of controllers, sensors or categories. The contacts who need to be notified when an alarm is triggered, how often they should be notified and during which times the alarm is active can be set.

  Screenshot 2

Status Map

The status map shows a summary of all controllers linked to the current user and the sensors which are updating through them.

Screenshot 3

Controller's Sensor Status

On the Controller's "Sensors" page, you can see the current measurements, what date/time this measurement was read as well as any alarm that might have been triggered on any sensors.

Screenshot 4


At any point in time, the currently used sms/text message bundle, notification contacts and user accounts amounts can be viewed.

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