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Products: Service, Maintenance & Support Agreements

Each installation of Menovation is combined with a Maintenance & Support agreement. This is a 3-year agreement covering technical support, internet connectivity, hosting and SMS/Text bundle costs.

Menovation currently offers 3 standard agreements with different levels of cover and messaging limits. The Maintenance & Support agreement will be included on order and invoiced annually thereafter.

Comparison of Maintenance & Support Agreements

Service Bronze Silver Gold
SMS/Text notification messages per day (per Menovation Sensor) : 0 6 20
Email notification messages per day : Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Individual Notification Contacts (people to notify on alarms) : 3 10 30
User Accounts (logins to web-based platform) : 1 3 10
Yearly on-site Battery Replacement Service : Yes Yes Yes
Free Electronic Support : Yes Yes Yes
Free Telephonic Support (Hours per Month) : 0 0.5 1
Discount for on-site service & support : 10% 15% 20%
Discount out-of-warranty repairs & parts : 0% 10% 25%

Menovation also offers a customised Platinum Package to very large corporations.

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