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Menovation Sensor

The Menovation Sensors are wireless temperature and/or relative humidity sensors which can be installed and placed inside the area or container (such as a fridge or freezer) that needs to be monitored. The sensor will take a temperature and/or humidity measurement every 10 to 17 seconds and transmit the measurement wirelessly to be repeated to the controller by any repeater within range.

The sensors are powered with a single 3.6v AA-sized battery which will lasts well beyond a single year. While the Temperature Sensor comes with a closed enclosure, the Temperature & Humidity sensors have an identical enclosure with the exception of ventilation slots. Enclosures are interchangeable and can be replaced for sanitation instead of cleaning.

All sensors come with a set of dual-polarity magnetic strips which allow the sensor to be mounted in place - yet removable when needed.

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