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How it Works

Products: How it Works

The Menovation Measure Management system consists of a variety of modular products which work together to provide you with the best customised solution for your measurement needs. Each of these products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality of standards and can be added to at any point in time.

1 Sensor   2 Repeater   3 Controller   4 System
Menovation Sensor Menovation Repeater Menovation Controller Laptop
Measures Temperature and/or Humidity Repeats the wireless signal to the Controller or other Repeaters to increase range Receives data & transmit(s) to Internet Cloud-Based platform Access your data on any computer via Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer or any other infrastructure on-site?

As long as there are power points available for the controller and repeaters, nothing else is required. The controller sends measurement values over the internet directly using its own 3G/HSPA Internet connection.

How would I access my data (current readings, reports etc)?

Using any computer or similar device (such as a smart-phone or tablet) you would simply go to a website and log in with your provided account. This web-based platform is where you will see your current measurements, draw past reports and change any settings.

Can I get alerted if measurements are not within normal limits and if so how?

Absolutely - Customised alarms can be set and modified at any time within the web-based platform. Alarm notifications can be delivered via email or SMS-Text messages directly to your cell phone.

Are there any monthly costs involved?

Menovation provides a variety of Maintenance & Support agreements which covers both the SMS-Text bundles and Internet access for the controller along with other services such as yearly battery-replacement and technical support.

Where do I get a Menovation system or find out more information?

Simply contact us and we will arrange for a sales consultant to come and see you for a full demonstration.

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